donderdag 13 november 2014


Instant, een groepstentoonstelling op de bovenverdieping, nog t/m 30-11 te zien!

Robin Meyer, Deadweight

in·stant  (ˈɪnstənt)
      1. An almost imperceptible space of time.
      2. A particular or precise time: at the instant of combustion.
      3. Abbr. inst. The current month: your letter of the 15th instant.
      4. A food or beverage designed for quick preparation.
      1. Occurring at once; immediate: instant gratification.
      2. Imperative; urgent: an instant need.
      3. Now under consideration; present.
      4. Group exhibition; Circa..dit; Young artists reflecting on their constructed surroundings: 
      Bas de Ruiter, Daan Lievense, Danny Foolen, Jakub Simic and Robin Meyer.
      At once; instantly.

 Danny Foolen, Without Title (stacked space)

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